Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cursed (2005)

A Film Review

Copyright Dragan Antulov 2005

Almost a decade ago Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson resurrected the horror genre in Hollywood with his SCREAM. Today it seems those two men are about to bury horror genre again. This impression might be gained from his latest film CURSED, written by Williamson and directed by Craven.

The plot is set in Los Angeles where television producer Ellie Myers (played by Christina Ricci) lives looks after her teenage brother Jimmy (played by Jesse Eisenberg) after their parent's death. One night at Mullholland Drive they get involved in traffic accident which escalates into something more sinister which would result with one woman brutally murdered and two of them bitten by something. While Ellie tries to ignore the incident, Jimmy notices changes in his unexplained changes in his physique and behaviour that transform him from high school nerd into high school jock. Jimmy is convinced that two of them are about to transform to werewolves and the only way to stop the curse is finding and killing the werewolf that infected them.

There is growing consensus, even the most sympathetic critics, of CURSED being one of the worst films the careers of Craven and Williamson. What looked refreshing one decade ago now turns into routine combination of cliches, cheap pop culture references and plot twists that can't surprise even the least experienced viewer. Even worse is complete waste of talents - otherwise effective comedienne Judy Greer almost ruins film with her obnoxious and unfunny character and empty dialogue lines, while the rest of cast is lacking any enthusiasm for the roles. Craven's direction is often uninspired, apart from the scene when a character played by Mya gets attacked by werewolf.

Craven and Williamson, on the other hand, have some arguments in defence of their reputation. The production was plagued by technical difficulties, creative conflicts, actors walking out from set, constant re-shootings and re-editing and unfavourable reactions at the test screenings. In the end studio decided to cut film in order to receive PG-13 rating, thus making CURSED more confusing and allowing Craven and Williamson to disown the project. However, film whose authors require so many excuses doesn't deserve an audience.


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